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About Chris

Chris was born on October 18, 1977, son of Louis and Christel, big brother to Martina and grew up in Ringwood, NJ.  From the time he could walk, athletics were an influential part of his youth; from the Erskine Lakes Acquatic Club to playing Ringwood Rattler football.  Along with athletics, Chris' youth was identified by Saturday morning German language classes as well as Wednesday evening piano lessons.  This schedule continued up until the latter part of high school when his leadership qualities began to shine.  During the summer months, Chris coached the swim team at Erskine Lakes in Ringwood and enjoyed leading the young swimmers in competition each Wednesday night against other area swim clubs.  Chris' role as a leader was also evident on the Lakeland football team where he served as co-captain, often known by fellow teammates to be determined and a silent leader.

Chris concentrated on football and academics which allowed him to enter the University of Rhode Island in August of 1996, working towards a degree in Accounting and German.  Chris loved New England and the diversity in friends he met at URI.  Although he enjoyed his time at URI, he also looked forward to the autumn Saturdays when his family would support him as a member of the football team.  Chris also enjoyed time spent with his family abroad in Europe, spending the holidays each year in Germany.  Since Chris had a great desire to travel, he welcome the opportunity to take a multi-week trip with an engineering class to Germany during his junior year.  The trip consisted of visiting several multi-national firms based in Germany with the objective of practicing German and to gaining an insight into operations abroad. 
Chris' insatiable work ethic and determination led him to work for Marsh McLennan as a forensic accountant on the 100th floor of One World Trade Center.  There, he was mesmerized by the brilliant people surrounding him and the opportunities that seemed so promising.  In the time leading up to the attacks, Chris' next immediate goal was to conquer the CPA exam.  Remarkably, this was quite on target with Chris' Mission Statement which was posted on his wall and described in the section entitled "My Short-Range Goals:"

"December - I want to have all my flash cards   completed for CPA studying.  I want to have a  regimented study program about 10 to 15 hours a week for this month.  In addition, I want to lose 6-8 pounds and have better cardio and better flexibility."
Although Chris' chance at working towards this goal was taken away on September 11, 2001, the Foundation dedicated in his name seeks to carry on his legacy.  While there will only be one Chris DeSimone, the Foundation will aim to provide many with the chance to develop the traits he epitomized.  Please help us continue to provide the opportunity Chris once had.